Saving noble stands

  • Oil finish
  • Easy to renovate
  • Resistant to moisture

Veneered floor

  • No scraping
  • Installation without glue
  • 15-year warranty

Wooden floors
The new generation

  • 41% harder than solid oak boards
  • Extremely durable
  • 6 layers of lacquer with corundum

Best choose
for your home

  • Good price
  • The unique width of 21 cm
  • exposes the beauty of wood

Prime Collection

Finish: UV + KORUND varnish, 4-sided V-groove

Luxury Collection

Finish: UV + KORUND varnish, 4-sided V-groove

Prestige Collection

Finish: oil + brush, 4-sided V-groove


HDF board is formed as a result of grinding wood, thanks to which it does not shrink. Compressing wood in this way, together with adhesives and resins, creates a high density product characterized by great durability and resistance to dents. In addition, the HDF boards used to produce Venifloor flooring have an increased resistance to moisture.

In addition to the varnish layers, Venifloor flooring also has an oil-coated finish to give such advantages as: increased resistance to changes in humidity and ease of maintenance.

Flooring is covered with 6 layers of UV laquers which are great supporters of everyday life.

In addition, flooring offered by Venifloor is covered with laquer mixed with CORUNDUM (aluminum oxide) which make it abrasion-resistant.

CORUNDUM is a mineral used in production of e.g. polishing tools and stands out with unique assets in hardness. According to the currently holding knowledge, Venifloor is the only Polish brand which uses the advantages of CORUNDUM in manufacturing floor boards.

Lacquer finishing and presence of CORUNDUM facilitate upkeep and protect wood for years. They make also a specific, protective filter on floor’s surface and slipping-protection. That finishing does not harten flooring, but protects it from dust, abrasion and scratching.

It also cooperates elastically with wood.

Venifloor flooring is given six UV-curing varnish coats, which form a protective layer for the boards. What’s more, KORUND (aluminium oxide) is added to the varnish, significantly improving the abrasion resistance.


Thanks to the combination of appropriate components (ultra-strong HD panel + resistant utility varnished / oiled layer), the new generation of boards eliminate all the disadvantages associated with troublesome renovations. Slight defects can be filled with special hot waxes; in the case of long-term use, one can use a one-day restoration system by Bona or re-application of the oil layer by Osmo.

Thanks to the use of a fast assembly lock, the floor can be installed in almost the blink of an eye, conveniently and without the use of glue. The fast assembly lock used in this new generation flooring is the intellectual property of the Venifloor brand. 

The production of boards made of dignified, species-rich wood goes hand in hand with care for nature, because rationalizing the use of wood during the production of boards supports the protection of forests, and thus favours care for the natural environment. With Venifloor flooring, we can enjoy real wood on the floor and a forest to walk through.

The solidity of the floor is combined with a long-term warranty. It is just another way of safeguarding assurance in the reliability of our product, of which we are certain.

The wood used in the production of Venifloor flooring is not only a visually attractive decorative element, but also provides the optimal thermal comfort associated with the natural warmth of wood; Venifloor boards are pleasant to the touch, and because they do not create the effect of a cold floor then walking barefoot is a real pleasure. 

Venifloor boards and another boards

See the comparison of Venifloor boards and other floors
Feature / Kind of flooringVenifloor boardPVC boardWooden flooring, parquet
Natural woodWood – a natural raw material with undeniable advantages that outweigh plasticPlasticWood – a natural raw material with undeniable advantages
Copy of wood
Wood does not have to pretend to be wood – natural features
Imperfection even in the dimension of appearanceWood does not have to pretend to be wood – natural features
Real wood warmth
Core with increased durability
Installation – fast, glueless. Finished productNot necessarily
Lack of machining after installation (scraping/ sanding). Floor renovationThere are no additional costs associated with scraping/ sanding, painting, etc.There are no additional costs associated with scraping/ sanding, painting, etc.The installation involves additional cost and time-consuming activities – scraping/ sanding, painting
High durability and resistance of the coatingHigh surface resistance obtained thanks to six-fold varnishing with high-quality UV-lacquersPlasticIt is possible, but using specialized painting techniques, such as those used in the production of Venifloor veneer flooring
Low cost of purchaseThe price of good quality PVC panels. Eliminating unnecessary material surplusMuch cheaper than a floor boardWood is an expensive material
Easy care